The Magic of Þórsmörk

Thorsmork is one of Iceland’s most scenic and popular areas in Iceland, encircled by mountains, Eyjafjallajökul glacier that erupted 2010, Mýrdalsjökul which covers the great volcano Katla glaciers and unbridged rivers to be reached and only acceible by 4 wheel drive vehicles and experienced d rivers.. Thorsmork is only accessible by specially equipped vehicles and with experienced drivers. Thorsmork has a diverse flora and magnificent landscapes. Þórsmörk is known for great camping and trekking paths among many across Fimmvörðuháls paht between the tvo claciers Mýrdalsjökull and Eyjafjallajökull.

The tour takes you through few deep rivers enroute via Gígjökull glacier where the flood from Eyjafjallajökull glacier bursted out of the glacier with melted ice and hugh icebergs which went into Markarfljót rivers and flooded to the seaside of the south coast. At Gígjökull a walk to the icecave and the canyon of the glacier. At Þórsmörk a 1 hour hike into Stafholtsgjá canyon explring a small cave with stunning waterfall. On the way back to Reykljavík a stop by Seljalandsfoss where one can walk behind the waterfall.

Accomodation No
Food No
Duration 8 - 9 hours
Passengers Minimum 3
Operated All year around

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